211 PEI online resources available now!

United Way of PEI, in partnership with the Province of Prince Edward Island, is pleased to announce that the 211 PEI website is now live as a resource to help Islanders navigate the network of community, social, non-clinical health and government services available across the Island. With the launch of 211 PEI, 211 service is now available in all but two Canadian provinces!

211’s website database will help those in need “find the right door the first time” by connecting them to human services quickly and easily. The 211 PEI service will be launched in stages, beginning with the website, with hopes to introduce the 2-1-1 telephone line and text in the coming weeks.

“Now more than ever given the uncertain time we are faced with in this global pandemic, Islanders are reaching out to government, community and non-governmental partners for help,” said Social Development and Housing Minister, Ernie Hudson. “There are many wonderful and dedicated groups working each and every day to help Islanders and the 211 service will help easily connect Islanders with the programs and services available. We must all work together to ensure a healthy, safe, and vibrant Island community.”

“Islanders sometimes struggle to navigate the complex network of human services available across PEI, particularly during these challenging times with COVID-19,” shares David Webster, Director of 211 PEI with the United Way of PEI. “People may not know where to turn for support and may give up on getting the help they need. We look forward to seeing the many ways 211 will improve and change lives locally”.

The 211 website helps connect users with human services for both everyday needs and times of crisis. 211 PEI is a signature service of the United Way of PEI with funding and support from the Government of Prince Edward Island.

The 211 PEI website can be accessed by visiting www.pe.211.ca.