211 – A tool for alleviating poverty

Many United Ways and Centraides participate in the Vibrant Communities initative Cities Reducing Poverty (CRP). CRP is a learning community of 100 Canadian cities united by a commitment to address poverty. Webinars are one of the ways CRP builds knowledge.

Recently, the CRP webinar series highlighted the role 211 is playing to alleviate poverty.

The webinar highlighted how people on the frontlines use 211. In Ontario, for example, physicians are using a poverty-screening tool that links to 211’s comprehensive directory so they can provide referrals to community services and programs for patients experiencing or at risk of poverty.

The webinar underscores the growing use of 211 as a ‘front door’ for a range of interventions aimed at addressing poverty, including Calgary’s Financial Empowerment initiative, Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot, and Kingston’s integrated system of care.

211 is an established platform for connecting people in need with help by providing information and guidance in accessing the wide range of social services, essential community resources, and programs that promote resilience.

The 211 webinar is now available for viewing on the Vibrant Communities – Cities Reducing Poverty website.