Six reasons to call 211



For example: find a family doctor, where to get your flu shot, community health clinics, or safe use exchange programs, medical equipment services)

Something we might hear: “I need help getting a walker/cane/wheelchair”


  Mental Health/Addictions Services

For example: crisis lines or distress centres, accessing support groups, finding detox facilities.

Something we might hear: “I or someone in my family has been diagnosed with an illness and want to connect with other people living with the same illness”


  Income Support/Financial Assistance

For example emergency financial assistance, application help when registering for services, or financial literacy/matched savings programs.

Something we might hear: “I can’t seem to save money or get ahead financially, where can I go for help?”


  Food/Meals Programs

For example: food bank referrals, community kitchens, meal programs for seniors.

Something we might hear: “I’m living on my own for the first time and need help getting and preparing food”


  Housing Support/Services

For example: emergency shelter, landlord mediation, low-income or subsidized housing.

Something we might hear: “I just got an eviction notice, what do I do?”


  Legal Services

For example: advocacy for survivors of domestic violence, legal aid, system navigation for child and family services, victim services.  

Something we might hear: “I’ve been the victim of a crime and don’t feel safe approaching the police, what do I do? “